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We, as the KUSCOP members, are a bunch of people that aim to create a sustainability platform in our university. The common idea which brings us together is that the power of the ability to change our environment in the sense of sustainability and create an environmental conscious.


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Remove Your Tray

KUSCOP designed a massive campaign involving different shareholders of the university, Zero Waste Project. Within the project students and staff were motivated to bring their food trays to tray holders.

Library Reuse Points

The implementation of the KUSCOP Reuse Point, we aim to provide draft paper to students in library and to reduce the use of paper while giving some useful information about sustainability.

Printing System

We provided students with printing manuals at the major printing locations explaining how to print double-sided and how to print multiple slides on one page.

Shake and Fold

In order to reduce the amount of this non-recyclable waste, we wanted to show people that they can dry their hands more successfully with less material. After experimenting with different methods, we concluded on one method which turns out to be the most successful.

Elevator Usage

We observed the usage of elevators at different times in a day. After the analysis of which elevators are the most used ones, it was the most efficient way to choose some elevators to make observation on them

Nero Mug Project

Cafe Nero is a coffee shop in the campus area. After observations, we saw that the cardboard coffee cups and holders create a huge amount of disposal. In order to decrease the amount it was not enough only to recycle them, there could be any other solution which results in less consumption of these instead […]

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