We, as the KUSCOP members, are a bunch of people that aim to create a sustainability platform in our university. The common idea which brings us together is that the power of the ability to change our environment in the sense of sustainability and create an environmental conscious.

The importance of creating a sustainable campus has the roots of caring about environmental protection, social development and ensuring that the negative effects are minimized while behaviors that positively impact the environment are emphasized.

Thus, students sharing same environmental interests and willing to create a sustainable campus from various departments unite together under the leadership of Erdinç Ersarı who is responsible for sustainable campus operations at Koç University.

We are the people who spend their time mostly on the campus, that is why we started our projects from Koç University campus where we can create a huge impact. At the beginning, we started with projects based on daily campus activities that can be shaped in a more sustainable way. As we proceed we extended the content and increase the number of the projects.

What is KUSCOP?

We as the KUSCOP members are a bunch of people that aim to create a sustainability platform in our university. When we first decided to create a sustainability platform, we aimed to create a notion of ecological balance and sustainable campus.

The triggering ideas were the tackling the effects of the climate change, pollution and other environmental factors that can harm and do harm people’s health and lives.

As the new generation, we decided to take responsibility and create new projects that will support the sustainable campus and shape the university life in the sense of environmental conscience. Our projects are based on creating a sustainable campus and bring its applications in university life.

This is why we have decided to take actions in the sense of protecting the environment and finding a way of keeping the delicate ecosystem of our planet in balance starting from where we are, our campus.

We believe that the most influential changes start from making changes in our lives and living conditions. By taking actions and creating these projects we target the university community and students which are very open to changes and adopt sustainability notions thus we have the capacity to expand our vision quickly.

We started with the campus-wide projects such as ‘Remove your Tray’‘Elevator Usage’,’Library Reuse Point’, ‘Shake and Fold’ and ‘New Printing System’. Besides all these minor projects we also have major projects like ‘Biodiesel Production from Waste Oil’ and ‘Wind Energy Projects’. Thus we are able to reach a wide range of people in our university since we have projects that all people can do easily in their daily life and we also have creative and innovator projects that require qualified and skilled students to create sustainable campus life.